I recently sat down with Jordan’s new 带 director, Patrick J. Blackburn, to talk to him about his experiences thus far and his thoughts about Jordan and the future.

The band room is a busy place to be! As I entered Mr. Blackburn’s office after school on the day of the interview, I was one of many students streaming in and out, all with a purpose. The students chatted easily with each other and 先生。布莱克本; the openness and sense of community the 带 room had was clear. As we began our interview, the sound of eager students practicing their p艺术 for the upcoming show was our vibrant soundtrack.

First I asked him to introduce himself. 先生。布莱克本 has been teaching for fourteen years. He spent five years at W.G. Pearson Elementary, where he built a program from scratch, and has spent the last eight at Sherwood Githens Middle School, growing the program with much success. He went to school at UNC-Chapel Hill for both undergraduate and graduate school and has a Bachelor of Music in Performance with a concentration in Euphonium, and a Master of 艺术 in Teaching. “We have to know just about every instrument we teach,” he says when I ask how many he knows how to play, “but my heart is in the low brass.”

今年已经一混乱了经验丰富的老师。当我接到电话“出于蓝”今年夏天乔丹乐队老师的立场是开放的,这是很难对他做出决定离开我在中学做了一个名字为Githens令人难以置信的程序。最终是什么让选择他比较容易他成长为一名教师,一个人的能力。我承认,我一直想做的高中乐队,“但生活从来没有制定出这样的。”我对不得不离开他的学生和Githens社区表示遗憾,并称“人让世界上所有的差异我的。“谁的人有但过着他的一生把其他人为本,是时候为他做基于需要什么他一生的决定。 “我一半我的职业生涯,这是可怕的。如果不是现在,我不知道我曾经有精力做这个,“我承认。

从初中到高中乐队老师过渡并不容易去过。 “现在我觉得我在我自己的程序就是一个陌生人,”先生。布莱克透露。 “当你熟悉的程序很简单,因为机器已经存在。你只是调整在这里和那里。这么大的转变有了,我们正在重塑整个机器。而这件事情对每个人都很困难,“我解释说,开玩笑地加入”我的意思是,我担心反正变化,在这里,我现在,我的生活。最大的变化“严重多了,我继续说:”这是难度比我第一年教学。容易。“作为一个教育工作者,他还在学习了。 “我在学教困难得多的音乐,我还没有真正从大学曾与”我告诉我的。

作为一个艺术老师已经是足够的挑战性。在教育艺术常常被低估。先生。布莱克形容一个共同的叙述:“因为觉得我们不是一个标准化的测试题目,那我们就没有问题。 “哦,那是选修课,他们不计。”“这就是为什么他的长期目标之一是增加带的大小。 “在两千一所学校,我想有巨大的步操乐队。不只是数字的缘故数字,而是提供更优质的教育;让更多的孩子,我已经在乐队之中,学习演奏乐器的机会。因为我们都知道艺术能为你的大脑做的,特别是在高中LEVEL-要准备转移到大学,是成功的最高水平。因为音乐确实让你更聪明,更好让你成功了,它的所有,但事实证明“。

Besides, 先生。布莱克本 has never been one to back down from a challenge. “I’m putting my time in,” he declared, and described to me his day, which was far from over with Little Shop of Horrors rehearsal and a two-hour booster club meeting still to come. “I actually got to eat lunch today, though!” he laughed.

Though recognizing his personal struggles, 先生。布莱克本 above all empathizes with his students. He knows they’re adjusting to the change, too. Noting the struggles of the seniors, he said, “I really feel for our upperclassmen because they’re… so used to having a certain way and then all of a sudden their world was turned upside down. I completely understand and empathize, but ultimately it’s how we handle the situation, and being able to look forward. And that’s not just the kids, that’s me too.”

Making things easier for 先生。布莱克本 are the other art teachers, who he describes as “so supportive.” He went on to say “we’re all really good friends, too, and that’s been amazing,” and “the teachers look after each other a lot. They genuinely care about the well-being of other teachers. I can speak specifically about our 艺术 team; I’ve noticed that everyone’s genuinely really supportive of each other.”

先生。布莱克本’s favorite thing about his job is being able to connect and work together with his students. “I really like the talking and getting to know the kids, but also working hard to do what we need to do. The most rewarding thing is working with the kids that want to be here and actually care,” he told me.

我问他我他最喜欢的时刻是教学,而他的回答是感人。首先,我笑了。 “哦,我有一百万,”我说。 “当你教的东西是如此热情,像一门艺术,你了解艺术家正在创建中的技术,每次你看到的成功正是这样一种惊艳的感觉。我已经有很多次我已经得到了春的演唱会做的,而手走下来,和孩子们站起来,你可以看到的骄傲在其中。你知道,他们可以给他们的一切取得同样的成功成为可能。不只是他们,而是我们大家的。“然后,我开始变得情绪激动,流泪了,不是在我们的采访中第一次,很显然我真的有多少说,他的学生。 “这最后一场演唱会[在Githens]那最后一首歌......”我是在失去了言语。 “我怀念那个,”他说只是,恢复。 “但是,是的。眼看着个人的成功。我是说,我曾在卡内基音乐厅演奏的孩子之前长号。有孩子在音乐专业。刚刚认识的个人和越来越看到在某些方面他们的成功和知道,不只是我,但我班有事可做它。我喜欢这个。它使世界上所有的差异“。

我问先生。关于布莱克我认为“乐队书呆子”的刻板印象。我立刻被解雇了。 “这样的乐队是家庭,人们真正关心的准备对方。它非常像一个运动队,你花那么多时间绕着对方,你知道对方不仅仅是钟来钟,所以这东西每个孩子都应该体验。这些尤其是在形成性,十几岁的孩子。乐队是那些东西的样子,我让进来,每天弹奏乐器之一。我得到做音乐跟别人说我不能用自己做。然后当你放在一起的那些随机量点的网页上,并把它在舞台上随着你的朋友四十了,然后你做的,你站起来,那种感觉,你“是否有成就感的是什么,每个人都应该感觉。“我笑了。 “这让我如果带书呆子,罚款。好吧。我喜欢它。“

One thing you might not know about Mr. Blackburn is that he has had a career in the performing arts as well. “I did the singer-songwriter thing for several years,” he explained. “I was in several groups. I really enjoyed the performance aspect of it, and it was something fun to do on weekends. It wasn’t for the glory or the money; it was just a release for me.” He advises that everyone have a similar release: “It helps your soul. It helps your mind, it keeps you at peace.” Don’t expect to see 先生。布莱克本 in concert anytime soon, though; now, he’s more into visual 艺术. “I haven’t played a show out in like three or four years. Time flies!” he said, laughing.

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要了解更多关于波段节目约旦,包括他们的重要日期,访问他们的网站 //www.jordan带s.org/Come see Little Shop of Horrors this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and be sure to ask your counselor and 先生。布莱克本 about fitting 带 into your schedule next year!